Come and HELP the Lone Ranger

His name is Bart  …He has committed to showing up in Kona , fronting the LDS temple , where we have been doing our Weds thing for the last 2 months : FOR THE NEXT 3 DAYS – SATURDAY – SUNDAY & MONDAY ….

PLEASE , come on down and back him up . Stand with him ! From Noonish to whenever .

You don’t have to be there all day . Please…..


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9th Kona Team Trump sign wave – 11/2/2016

Today , the LAST regular Team Trump sign wave in Kona Hawaii was a blast !  If the response from Kona’s drivers is any indication , nationally ,


The photos of this day tell the story best . Read the captions !


Folks really came out this afternoon ” BIG LEAGUE” !

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Sign Waving Today , Wednesday @ Walgreens – 3:30

Aloha Everyone,

Today in front of Walgreens we will be Sign Waving for Trump.  Time is running short, and we have to give it all our effort.  We are seeing more and more support because of all of you who are willing to come out rain or shine to show your support.
Lets spread the Aloha Spirit for Trump!
Lowana Richardson, Communication Chair  808 640-252
East Hawaii County Republican Party

David Yonan ………….. Chair, East Hawaii County Republican Party
Lorraine Shin-Penn ….Vice Chair
Lowana Richardson … Communications Chair

We are 20 strong today