8th Kona Team Trump sign wave – 10/26/2016

Today we were blessed , by God Almighty , with a double rainbow ,

at the end of our rally day:


Today’s message was VOTE EARLY !


and he did ….


Beautiful weather today . Yet one day this election season it was bound to happen ; the vile Clintonistas finally showed up . The little Lowen man was joined by a screaming Hillary supporter and Trump hater. Most of the morning we had to endure his terrible shouts about ” Trump this and Trump that” . We replied at much higher volume with our bullhorn … Finally the rascal settled down and just dealt with his/their passing supporters , of which there were quite a few . You can see this moron , standing out in the street obstructing traffic ( all day ) in the background of some of these photos .

Unfortunately for us , we were somewhat under-staffed until quite late in the day . Anyone going close to the Clintonistas were sassed at and told to leave the area . Thin ice …thin ice….

Finally in the mid afternoon with traffic picking up greatly , as you can see in the pictures , more Trump folks showed up and we were able to focus and just get out our message to VOTE TRUMP and VOTE EARLY . Only two of us there today had actually voted already .We have /had signs for many more . ONLY those that have actually voted EARLY  should hold the sign saying that they have .

So there you have it . More commentary under the photos to follow . If you were there , please comment , per photo . Click on the photo itself and then you can leave a remark .

NEXT WEDS will be the LAST regular Kona Team Trump rally . Any chance any & all that have been kicking back and waiting for whatever can show up ??? It would be nice to fill this street !

I issue a call for ALL KONA MOTORCYCLE CLUBS TO JOIN US next Wednesday !

Additionally , on ELECTION DAY – Nov 8th – We will conduct an ALL DAY Trump rally here at this location . It is GO FOR BROKE TIME !

ALL DAY ON ELECTION DAY – Come on down !

Mahalo !


This roadway should be lined with waving people . Why isn’t it ?


Always the first to show up ! Studying up on post-election Trump presidential victory tactics , to rid America of it’s Leftist curse . Once and for all …..





Here you can see the rotten little Clintonista rats making a spectacle out in the highway  , the blue signs down the road from us  . Please notice how the Clinton people  stand out on the roadway , obstructing traffic , up beyond our guy , who is safely on the edge of the roadway .   Typical of most Liberals , not thinking about anyone but themselves  . They tried to bait us into a fight all morning . Saying horrid things about Mr. Trump , suggesting that Trump be hanged and that we should all have our throats cut . I kid you not . There is a good reason why I do not consider such people as ‘ my fellow Americans ‘ They are not . They are the enemy . Our enemy here on the homefront .




President Trump will be the best Friend to Israel , America has ever been able to offer .




Doc Martin arrives !


Good man , I think he has probably accomplished much in his lifetime


Just one man , facing a tsunami of traffic


This gentleman saw us while driving by last week and resolved to join us the next time he saw us . He did . Reminiscent of one of the Founding Fathers 


We were few in number , facing TONS of traffic . But at least WE WERE THERE !


Amazing !


IF ONLY people in Hawaii WOULD wake up !


This gentleman stopped by to ” get himself some propaganda ‘ …Colors wearing MC club member and U.S. military veteran . It was a high point . I asked him to tell ALL MC Club members : COME ON DOWN NEXT WEDS !



This couple went thru the entire U.S. immigration process THE RIGHT WAY : Filed every paper , translated every document , paid every fee , signed and swore to every waiver of rights and affidavits of support  . Waited and waited … until the process fulfilled . Every T was crossed , every I dotted … So they have ZERO sympathy for the border jumpers , whining for amnesty , for those who have sneaked in ( and then dropped babies here ), trying to own that which they have never earned ( U.S. citizenship )  To HELL with ILLEGALS ! And to Hell with the Democrap Party that uses illegal aliens as a 5th Column to subvert America and our American  future .


She stood for over an hour like this . At great discomfort . A true patriot !


Can anyone say KAMAAINA ? and idiot Libs tell them to ” go back to the Mainland!” …


To me , THIS is the most evocative sign we have

( sorry for poor focus )



How’s the traffic here in Kona !? It goes on like this for hours and hours . We started at 10:AM!   And I still have to ask : WHERE ARE ALL THE REPUBLICANS ????? Turn out was SO GREAT at Kealakehe on Primary Day . Where are they all now??? What in the world are they waiting for ? What is the point of just hiding out at home ? Afraid someone will recognize you ? I am sorry , but YOU NEED TO BE HERE ….


Great shirt !


Ever faithful – Semper Fidelis


Republican Party / Trump HQ – Kona Hawaii


When can we begin to deploy Mongol tactics on the American progressive ,  Liberal , Euro-model , socialist scene ?


She was with me in 2012 , waving for Romney & Ryan .

NO ONE joined us then , just be & her sometimes

Once again : W.H.-H.R.P.  was  AWOL


And then the rainbow started !….watch it grow :






and then it was over ….


We stayed until last light . We out-lasted the Clintonistas !

It was good ….




3 thoughts on “8th Kona Team Trump sign wave – 10/26/2016

  1. The County Committee shall:
    1. Supervise the affairs of the West Hawaii County Republican Party.
    2. Endorse candidates in non

    partisan County elections and endorse or oppose
    ballot initiatives and referenda as allowed by State Party rules.
    3. By
    active participation and involvement:
    a. Advise and assist with the implementation within West Hawaii County of
    membership recruitment, voter registration, Get Out
    The Vote efforts as well
    as the staffing of polling places with Republican Party Election o
    b. Provide support to Republican candidates in partisan elections….

    And den ??????


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