Aloha to our East Hawaii County Republican Constituents

Aloha to our East Hawaii County Republican Constituents,

This message is from David Yonan, Chairman of the East Hawaii County Republican Party. First of all, I would like to express my Mahalo to all who attended our amazing Trump Victory Party held at the Hawaii Innovation Center at Hilo last November 12th. The gathering of fellow Republicans was a success with plentiful food and drink for all.  It was so wonderful to get together with all our volunteers and like-minded Trump supporters.

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Mahalo – Big Island


NOVEMBER 9, 2016

Aloha my Republican Ohana and Friends,

On this beautiful and blessed morning, we awake to a new and amazing day in our great country. It is amazing for many reasons. First and foremost it’s amazing because it is the first day of a very bright future for all Americans. For we have used one of our greatest privileges that our forefathers have given us as a people of a free country. The power to vote for our leader, our President.

Arguably in the most important Presidential election in our great Nation’s history, we have elected Donald J. Trump to be our 45th President.

Yes, my brothers and sisters we are a part of history unfolding. And I wish to take this moment to thank all of you, not only for your hard work, but your unwavering belief in us achieving our most important goal this year. That goal was to help our country elect our Republican Presidential candidate  Donald J. Trump. 

Like President-elect Trump said in his acceptance speech early this morning, our work is just beginning. We now have to move forward to achieving all of our other goals.

Here in Hawaii, for our East Hawaii County Republican Party, those goals include putting together a strategy to get more Republican Candidates elected locally and within our State which will allow us to live in a place that has a more Vibrant political system of government that is fair and balanced for all of Hawaii’s residents.

During this journey to achieving our shared goals, I sincerely wish to say Mahalo specially to Our Executive Board: Lorraine Shin Penn, Lowana Richardson, Grace Chen, Shawn Merrill, Lee Harlow, District 2 Chair Sibi Hoke, Photographer & Social Media Chair Charissa Yonan, Gerald Araujo, Hawaii’s #1 Trump Talk Phone Banker Michael Liao, Mark Fullmer, Jesse Del Mar Jr. and Alan Koahou, for all of your consistent hard work and for not losing faith when all seemed so tense, and our path seemed like an insurmountable one.

Though I had to sometimes reassure some of you during the stressful times, that TRUMP was surely going to WIN, we stuck together, as a family to achieve our collective goal.

Why was I so steadfast in my belief? Many reasons, but first and foremost, because like Donald Trump himself, I had great faith in our goal. And nothing could shake that faith.

Mahalo for sharing this faith with me.

David Yonan


David Yonan ………….. Chair, East Hawaii County Republican Party
Lorraine Shin-Penn ….Vice Chair
Lowana Richardson … Communications Chair


Aloha Everyone,

I just got a call a few minutes from Sibi Hoke about SIGN WAVING today at 3:30 PM in front of Walgreens in Hilo.

We apologize for the last minute announcement. If you can, please bring MAHALO signs.

We wish to thank all our Republican supporters in our community and our tireless volunteers for your support.

See you today at 3:30 PM. Please wear your TRUMP shirts.

Also, TRUMP t-shirts available for sale today.

David Yonan ………….. Chair, East Hawaii County Republican Party
Lorraine Shin-Penn ….Vice Chair
Lowana Richardson … Communications Chair

Sign Waving Today , Wednesday @ Walgreens – 3:30

Aloha Everyone,

Today in front of Walgreens we will be Sign Waving for Trump.  Time is running short, and we have to give it all our effort.  We are seeing more and more support because of all of you who are willing to come out rain or shine to show your support.
Lets spread the Aloha Spirit for Trump!
Lowana Richardson, Communication Chair  808 640-252
East Hawaii County Republican Party

David Yonan ………….. Chair, East Hawaii County Republican Party
Lorraine Shin-Penn ….Vice Chair
Lowana Richardson … Communications Chair

We are 20 strong today