Aloha to our East Hawaii County Republican Constituents

Aloha to our East Hawaii County Republican Constituents,

This message is from David Yonan, Chairman of the East Hawaii County Republican Party. First of all, I would like to express my Mahalo to all who attended our amazing Trump Victory Party held at the Hawaii Innovation Center at Hilo last November 12th. The gathering of fellow Republicans was a success with plentiful food and drink for all.  It was so wonderful to get together with all our volunteers and like-minded Trump supporters.

We are so proud to have achieved the number one goal of electing our Republican Candidate Donald J. Trump as our 45th President, as well as we have elected a Republican majority in both the House and the Senate. Controlling all three houses in Washington has not been accomplished since 1929! This amazing accomplishment is a movement from the American people across this great nation voicing out LOUD and CLEAR, Enough of the Failed Democrat government!  Now that we have a Republican President and majority Congress and Senate, we will see changes flow down to the States with regards to how each State is allowed to run with the federal funding they receive.

Here in Hawaii, the Democrats are doing their best to SCARE the people about the future. This is typical of the Democrats. We in Hawaii have become a state dependent on the Federal money. Many in Hawaii are entitlement dependent which is completely sad and pathetic. This is a big part of why the Democrats both in federal government as well as in state government cannot ever balance a budget!

Anyway, we need not fear! We here in Hawaii will be better off. How? With a Trump administration, he will bring back JOBS across this nation and re-negotiate Trade agreements with other countries that emphasize America and American workers FIRST!

This will lower taxes for the middle and lower income families as well as lower corporate and business taxes which will spur businesses to expand and bring back manufacturing to America. Trump’s administration will also DE-REGULATE which is HUGE for businesses … because both big and small business are being strangled by way too many regulations.  So our future is a Bright one, and we need to tell all of our friends and family about this good news.

To learn more about Trump’s policies as well as updates on news, events, and programs related to the incoming Trump Administration visit:

This means that we are going to push for the Trump Administration to reopen the Jones Act, which if repealed could mean enormous reductions in our import and exporting costs for our everyday products that each and every family uses here in Hawaii. This will also free up Hawaiian businesses to flourish and become competitive. We here in Hawaii can have more than just a Tourism Industry to provide good paying jobs.

The East Hawaii County Republican Party Executive Board has already had our first post Election Meeting last Nov. 20, 2016. See photos below. We have identified our goals and objectives moving forward to the 2018 elections where we are looking to support good solid Republican Candidates for local and state offices to create a much more vibrant and fair state and local government.
1st Photo … David and Charissa Yonan

I will be sending out a detailed email in the next few weeks regarding our plans to achieve our goals moving forward.

East Hawaii County Republican Party does intend on keeping your energy and enthusiasm strong by putting together Events about every three months so that we all can get together in person.

So until our next email about upcoming plans, on behalf of the East Hawaii County Republican Party Executive Board I would like to wish everyone a HAPPY THANKSGIVING and GOD BLESS TO ALL.


David Yonan, Chairman


David Yonan ………….. Chairman, East Hawaii County Republican Party
Lorraine Shin-Penn …. Vice Chair
Lowana Richardson … Secretary
Dr. Grace Chen ………. Treasurer


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