I Voted EARLY ! Did you ?

According to Mr. Trump , it is very important to VOTE EARLY . So I did him a favor and complied with his request . On the 1st day of Early Voting here in Hawaii . IF you wait until election day , and IF you cannot make it in to vote on that day until later in the afternoon , the election is often called before Hawaii’s polls even close . So will your vote count ? This is why I VOTE EARLY . I want my TO COUNT !

See AAR ( after action report ) in the comment of this posting . Mahalo !

in Kona @ the Civic Center :




4 thoughts on “I Voted EARLY ! Did you ?

  1. I just completed voting . I cannot make a report right now , as I am going into work I will be away from my computer for many hours.
    Here in Kona the voter assistance volunteers told me that the voting turnout has been heavy today, the first day of early voting.
    It did not seem that heavy to me at the Kona Civic Center early voting election room at 1 p.m. I was able to get in and out of there in about 15 minutes . I want to recommend that voters give themselves plenty of time and use the headsets that are attached to the voting machines which give you the instructions on how to use the machine and go thru the voting process, point by point. I am quite electronically literate, but even for me the voting process with these electronic machines was somewhat challenging. Someone that is not electronics/computer adept might find the process daunting. I believe it is OK for someone, like a senior citizen , to bring along an assistant to help them with the process. The machines run by a selection wheel device on the front of the machine. This wheel turns clockwise to make your selection, moving it slowly through all of this election possibilities . Once you are sure that the machine is on your section you hit the button which says ENTER . . All the while the machine is talking to you and telling you exactly what your section is. Even after you make the selection the machine reiterates your choice verbally , so you are sure of your selection .Trump’s name is at the bottom of the presidential candidate list . People just have to take their time. Don’t rush it. finally when you have completed voting there is a review page that shows you all the selections you have made. After you have read the review and listened to it over the headset you can select a big red button that is marked : CAST BALLOT .
    After you leave the booth you are not given any receipt or ‘ You Voted ‘ slip or anything that confirms that you voted . This is a little nerve-wracking to me , I miss the ‘you voted stub ‘ we always used to get ….
    Anyway this is how the voting process takes place here in Hawaii now , in this election. There are no manual voting cards where you punch a selection and no ballot forms where you pencil / black in your selection .
    So people just have to take their time and be careful.
    VOTE TODAY ! and don’t forget to pray……


  2. It is illegal to take a photograph in a voting booth in 18 states in the US, according to the Associated Press.

    However it is legal to take a photo in about 20 states and the District of Columbia.

    On Monday, a federal court sided with a Michigan man who said the law there that bans voters from taking pictures of their marked ballots and sharing them on social media violated his constitutional right to free speech.

    In response, the court halted enforcement of the law.

    Also on Monday, two voters in Colorado filed a federal lawsuit seeking to overturn a state law that criminalised showing a completed ballot to others, arguing the ban was unconstitutional.


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