5th Kona Team Trump sign wave – 10/5/2016


There’s Hope !

Today’s 5th Kona sign wave for Trump went well , although VERY lightly attended throughout the day , until later in the afternoon , when the wonderful ,stalwart Trump sign wavers appear . Set up was  EARLY , about 10:30 AM and the weather was good throughput the day , with overcast building in the mid -afternoon . 500 Trump yard signs were delivered , directly from Trump HQ in Hilo , arriving at about 11:AM . Throughout the day we were able to give away 10 or 12 and finally 30 signs went out , to be posted around Kona . If anyone needs yard signs – WE GOT UM! Contact me . They will be available again next Weds . or I can be met with to provide batches to go out to Waimea/Waikoloa/No.Kohala and Kau any morning . Let me know.  Voter Registration was available today , THE LAST Trump sign wave rally that will occur before Voter Reg closes off : OCTOBER 1oTH . If you know anyone that is NOT registered , and who is inclined to VOTE FOR TRUMP , please move Heaven and earth to get them registered before this date . If they are for the other person  , don’t say a word …. Traffic was massive , ALL DAY ! Thousands of drivers saw us ( and their passengers ) Many positive acknowledgements . Yet the vile,nasty gestures and comments are getting more extreme . I have concluded that this is why more people are NOT joining us ; they are afraid . And it is a little scary . Especially when you are there by yourself for several hours , as I was …. What particularly distresses me is how many little kids and teens seem to be coached by their parents (driving) to give obscene gestures and shout the f-word . Many such cases ….Over a dozen kids leaning out of a passing school bus , all shouting the f word and leaning out the windows of the bus with their fingers raised . And the bus drivers? State of Hawaii has contracted Iosepa Transportation bus company . Even some of the bus drivers take their hands off the wheel to flip us off . It’s cultural war in this country , and on this island , folks . The Left is far from beaten and they really don;t like us one bit ….. So I have to ask : WHERE IS THE HAWAII COUNTY REPUBLICAN PARTY IN WEST HAWAII ? Zero attendance or representation from anyone in HRP authority . What’s wrong with that picture ? In 2012 , when I was sign waving for Romney & Ryan , same thing : HRP = AWOL ….why?

That’s the report , now here’s the photos of the day .

With commentary where appropriate .


The day starts with an attempted voter registration drive . I succeeded in handing our voter registration forms to 2 people . All day …


We need someone to take this banner , and the forms , down to WalMart , or somewhere very public and try there .


Just me & my dog 


A gentleman stopped by to get some Trump stickers for his small truck .


Fixed his truck up real nice . Now  Trump Truck !

Many more Trump stickers are now available . Courtesy of Mr. Chris


Then the 500 Trump yard signs arrived ; special EXPRESS delivery from Hilo .

If you know anyone that needs one ( or 50!) get in touch !


We advertised their availability like this !


Lopaka arrives with his great Flag display


It’s SO THRILLING to have others show up .

I get lonely in the AM, all by myself ….

Dunno who this guy is …What anti-Trumper douchebag Glenn Beck calls

” a scary dude “


Sweet , normal , people for Trump


Great message ! Do most people know what INDICT means?


Approaching from the rear . What’s going on up here ?


A gentleman from Beverly Hills , who was in a dilemma about where to put his Trump signs ,where they wouldn’t be stolen or damaged , having already lost several  . Didn’t know what to tell him . Forget the signs , come SIGN WAVE with us ! He left .


Promoting the Trump yard signs to passers by . Few takers . Lots of honks and thumbs up , but folks can’t be bothered to stop . What will they do if they wake up to a President HRC ? NEVER Hillary !! Never , never , never ….


We moved the Voter Registration sign to a more visible location . Still no interest . I guess everyone is registered and ready to go ….


LDS stands with Donald J. Trump !


There’s that crazy guy again …


After 4:PM and finally looking like a REAL sign wave rally


There should be 50 to 100 people along this road . Why aren’t there ? Anyone care to comment ? Please do .


No one is talking about this matter .  They should absolutely DRUG TEST Presidential candidates .


merciful cloud cover


THIS is more like it .  Come on folks , we need MORE PEOPLE !


This is the kind of traffic we are sign waving to here in Kona ! Hour after hour of it . Tell me this is not a worthy effort ??? Tell me why the HRP – West Hawaii Chapter should not be out here with us ? Why only on Weds ? How can one guy’s ONLY day off set the time & tempo for a Presidential election’s Kona sign wave effort ???  COME ON FOLKS ! The energy is there , the pattern is now all set up . YOU just have to DO IT !….


Intelligent ,Conservative contractors for Trump !


I used this picture as the headliner photo for this report , but more commentary is in order. Throughout this day I was saddened to see so many idiotic young people , shouting obscenities at us , giving us the finger . Either at the coaching of their equally idiot parents or as self motivated little morons . I can only imagine what sort of family influences exist to produce those types of kid and how woefully UNINFORMED they all are .

Here , by great contrast , is a wonderful CONSERVATIVE PATRIOT family . As sweet and nice and polite as can be . What a difference . And that’s why I say ” there’s hope”

God was asked to spare Sodom for the sake of a  few ( which it turned out there weren’t ) Perhaps God will spare America for the sake of many many more than a few . Families LIKE THESE ! Millions of them . They deserve  a Donald J. Trump VICTORY on November 8th . We owe it to them , to THESE kids . And if HRC somehow wins ; there will be Hell to pay .

I swear to God


Handmade signs ; BY CHILDREN ! There is indeed hope ….


When these sassy asses , these despicable Liberal , witless pigs , give us a hard time ; Sometimes we talk back…. It’s time to STOP trying to play nicey-nice with these people . It doesn’t work ! They are destroying our country . Intentionally and with avarice ! How nice are we supposed to be ? Why? This IS  an ideological war for our country folks , a war on the home front  ,  not  just another mere election .

Time to put your boots on AND FIGHT!

IF we lose this time , all IS lost ….. everything . This is it ….


Finally , all buttoned up and put away , everyone gone , but me . Getting dark and STILL the traffic streams by !….Couldn’t a few people stay on until full dark ????

It would be worth it .

Let’s show them how incredibly dedicated we are . What’s another hour ?

Forward to the foe ! Advance !


Ok , that’s it.

IF you were there , THANK YOU! Thank you for coming . Your incredible support is making this happen . Left alone , I would have given up already! Seriously …. You folks are AWESOME !

IF you are aware of this Trump sign wave effort and  were NOT there (again) , tell me why ?

We need your participation . Really need it .

If not now , when ?

Mahalo !


a hui ho


8 thoughts on “5th Kona Team Trump sign wave – 10/5/2016

  1. Our 2nd Na’alehu rally in the rain on Wednesday was attended by only three people, but we got mostly positive responses and only a few negative finger-flips and a couple of “racist pigs” screams. Those were so pitifully stupid that I couldn’t help laughing at them. A few who noticed me laughing got very upset. Some just looked surprised and didn’t know what to do.


    1. Photos ? Let’s do a report ! Thank you sir , for standing in the rain . I know you are far from ‘well’ and to make this effort regardless speaks to your extreme patriotism and dedication to really preserving America , the land of our fore fathers ,. For which they fought and died for . Not the American cesspool that these Liberal shitheads are trying to turn it in to . THANK YOU sir !


  2. I have to apologize ( sort of ) for some of my comments above . I cannot resist editorializing at times…Here’s the backstory : In 2008 I helped run the Kona sign wave for Sara Palin & John McCain . The Westside Republican Party was highly involved in that and we would typically see upwards to 100 people come together on the roadside to signwave . I know , I counted , I was there . This community involvement and support was very inspirational , even though ‘we’ lost and America became burdened with Obama . This inspiration and Republican community support was very instrumental in the forming of the Kona Tea Party , early in 2009 . Through 2010 the Kona Tea Party rocked the roadside here in Kona , on a fairly regular basis . Upwards to 100 persons would also attend the Tea Party’s appearance and our message of resistance to Obama and all that he stood for came through loud and clear to the Kona community . Then that Tea Party energy began to fail , when placed in others hands to push it forward . They disappeared from the roadside altogether . Why? Even when 2010 was a great year , nationally , for Republicans , yet fairly abysmal , as usual , locally . Then came 2012 and the effort to depose Obama and elect Romney & Ryan . For that signwave , which I also carried on , only one or 2 people ever joined me . It received ZERO support or participation from the Westside Republican Party members or leadership . Other events may have been carried out ( to which I was not informed or invited) but I can tell you FOR SURE , no one from the Westside R Party helped me sign wave for Romney and we got Obama again .( not that there is any direct correlation to that…) This year I am seeing the same pattern ; zero interest or involvement in electing a Republican candidate for President of the United States , by the ‘official’ Republicans ,living ion the West side of this island . While at the same time , over in Hilo , the EAST SIDE Republicans are doing a PHENOMENAL JOB! Turn outs at their organized sign waves are good . Even in the rain ! They have had a very successful Trump booth at the Hawaii County fair , they have organized Debate Watch parties ,and other fun events . All based on electing Donald J. Trump for President . Over here ? Nothing . Nothing that I am hearing from or about at least . Any BIG rallies planned ? Do tell . Now as mentioned above , in this controversial year ( they are ALL controversial lately) it’s kind of scary out there on the roadway . Not for the faint hearted . Or the fearful business types that believe that ‘ people will recognize them’ ….It is not for everyone.
    I get that . But surely there are still a few more fearless fire-breathers in our community that see the importance of doing this , as I do ? What has changed between McCain/Palin and now? Who has lost their courage and dedication , and why ? It just doesn’t make sense to me . Rather than than taking advantage of the energy that is clearly out there FOR TRUMP . Westside R’s have gone to ground and are hiding out again this year . Little private meet&greets with local minor candidates ? That’s all? Really ? Come on….East side Republican patriots , can you not light a fire under these people ? If they will not listen to ( or communicate with ) me? Time is running out . We very few are making a BIG impact . We just need to be a few more …..Thank again to all those stalwarts who do show up . YOU ARE AWESOME ! You are brave . You are not cowards . You will be remembered .


  3. “Aloha Patrick Henry just wanted to share a couple things with you that I forgot to mention yesterday at the sign waving I had 4 women stop by and pick up applications to register to vote👍 two of them had just moved here recently and were very impressed and happy to see the forces out for Trump. All four of them said they were definitely voting for Trump and that it was the only chance to make America great again. Also the two women next to me selling mangoes where Trump supporters as well , sometimes it’s hard to see if you’re making a difference but I know we are. The polls today show our hard work as Trump is up 2 nationally every little bit helps have a great weekend. Keep the faith. Pray for Trump. Pray for America. Will see you Wednesday. And thank you for all you do
    Aloha Ron”


  4. Remember all the great conservative candidates we had a few years back? Well, some weren’t all that great or conservative. Not one of them was elected. National or local. Why is that? The HRP doesn’t want a winner. They beg for money and the candidates select advisors that, in my humble opinion and based on what I experienced, tell them to go easy, to have an aloha campaign. Hey. I’ve been here for a long time and I know what Aloha is and it ain’t anymore. Aloha has morphed along with the citizens. I couldn’t believe little 6th graders with half their bodies out the window telling us to fuck off and flippin’ us the bird and denigrating our candidate. Where’d they get that? If not from mom and dad then their liberal progressive teachers. (and why are they teachers?) Anyway, it’s a very sad state or affairs. We must prevail. See you next Wed.


    1. Those profane little kids in the passing bus were one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen . The bus company , Iosepa Transportation , should be more responsible for the children they transport .
      (808) 772-7765
      1888 Kalakaua Ave
      Honolulu, Hawaii 96815-1510
      United States


        Address: 42 N. 200 E. Suite 4
        American Fork, UT 84003
        Registered Agent: Ryan H Fuller
        Filing Date: January 17, 2012
        File Number: 92363 C5


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