Set Up of Our Trump Booth @ the County Fair Today

Aloha to All

Well we Start our County Fair today in Hilo. We will have our East Hawaii County Republican Party TRUMP Booth there in the Butler Building (Closest to the main Parking lot) Please come and stop by and see us and show support 🙂

Just a reminder for all those that wish to help with set up of our booth today September 22, 2016 We will begin set up at 3:00 PM ! As the fair doesn’t officially start until 5:00/5:30 PM today.
We also have a sign up sheet for Volunteers who wish to help man our booth on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. There are 3 hour slots available for our volunteers. Email Shawn Merrill at for sign ups and details. 
Our Booth will be one of the first on you left, next to the BJ Penn Booth.
We look forward to seeing you at the FAIR 🙂
” Very exciting  amazing positive response !”
” Our booth last night at Hilo County Fair. Great responses. “
Sunday is our last day at the Hilo County Fair.  Responses were excellent.

4 thoughts on “Set Up of Our Trump Booth @ the County Fair Today

  1. Aloha All

    Mahalo to all who came out and helped us set up our First East Hawaii County Republican Party Booth at our County Fair in Hilo.
    Our first day was a success! We signed up new members to our East Hawaii County Republican Party and sold our Big Islanders for TRUMP T-shirts as well as passed out a number of Voter Registration forms, to get people out to vote for Donald Trump in November.
    Our volunteers Mark, Michael, Gerald, Jesse, Justin, Lowana, Charissa and Grace did a GREAT Job at educating interested people about our East Hawaii Republican Party. As well as answering questions for those unsure of which way they wish to vote. With our volunteers education along with our pre-printed sheets to help those undecided folks know why they should vote for Trump, we had folks leave with a clear choice for who to vote for in November.
    We hope to see you at the Fair over the next few days. Stop by and say Aloha to our East Hawaii County Republican Party Volunteers. Or better yet join us by Emailing our Functions Chair person Shawn Merrill at: to find out what days we need extra volunteers to help at the booth.


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