Hilo Team Trump sign wave rally – 9-21-2016


We got many honks and thumbs up during the entire sign waving from 3 pm to 5pm.  I am amazed how many folks support Trump for President.  We did also receive several thumbs down and a few middle fingers, but they were far and few compared to the thumbs up and honks.  One woman yelled F…You Donald Trump.  As always, we just wave with our thumbs up.  No other incident happened.  All in all, great response for Trump by the Hilo drivers. Our being visibly out there sends a message to many, Donald Trump has many locals supporting him, and  we’re not afraid to let all know.  It makes you feel good.


4 thoughts on “Hilo Team Trump sign wave rally – 9-21-2016

  1. Did not make it because I was occupied but it is TYPICAL of the liberal Democrats to get nasty and give anyone that doesn’t agree with their delusions ‘the finger’ or shout out obscenities.. It’s a way of life for them, unable to have a civil discussion or disagreement…


    1. Hey , I wish they’d STOP , and just chat with us a bit . These pinheads just shout obscene epitaphs and keep driving by . Ignorant, knuckle dragging, neo-commies . Probably the result of poor parenting and Leftist influenced education ( if any )


  2. Today Wednesday September 21,2016 Sign Waving in Hilo was another wonderful success! We had many Volunteers who were enthusiastic and full of energy and ALOHA and the drivers responded well to that.
    We made a number of signs and we are picking up more volunteers. Join us via our viability with our sign waving events!


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