Hilo Trump sign wave – Sept. 19


” We had up to 25 volunteers show up from 3 to 5:30.  I have done sign waving since 1994 over 20 years, and I can attest the reception by passerby’s was excellent.  We got a few that gave us the thumbs down and the middle finger.  Bless them.  We are doing great ! “









Was at the Hilo Rally.  There were approx. 20 people with nice professional looking Trump signs and posters which the Party ordered in from the Trump campaign. Rally was held next to the main highway to downtown between Ross and Walgreens by Prince Kuhio Shopping center where it will be held again this coming Wednesday, the 21st.   Many cars driving by gave as the positive sign and honked, but many did not and some gave us the thumbs down , which was  to be expected.  It was fun to participate and energy was high.   I think there are a lot of Trump supporters and many conservatives who do not belong to the Republican Party and did not know that this rally was being staged as they are not on the Party’s mailing list.   I think a rally such as this should be advertised in various papers and in the Tribune events calendar ,  to make people aware of it and give them a chance to schedule their time to participate.  I sent out a message to all the tea party conservative types I know but due to the short  notice only one showed up.  The Party intends to have a booth at the County Fair, but a booth does not make as big  a showing for the general public as a well attended rally with lots of people showing up.  The new [ East Hawaii ]  chapter chairman will try to do all he can to get some things going and wants to  restructure it to Republican Party principles.  Maybe they have to start with the GOP headquarters in Honolulu.

The rally was held about 3:30 pm.  However, around 4:30 to 5:00 pm it got cloudy and started to lightly sprinkle and that is common around that time.  I suggested to one of the key members to stage the rallies earlier ,   between 1 and 4 Pm ,  before the rain comes in at this time of the year . Better yet, hold it on Saturday when most people go to the Shopping Center and working people are off work and also could participate.

I think the Party events planners will need to find a way to get advertising out to the conservatives who are Trump supporters in advance of the rallies or events they plan.   One young guy at the rally told me that he had 3 Trump signs stolen out of his yard..  This is definitely a primarily liberal state and will stay that way.  The Rally reminded me of the Hilo Tea Parties, but we had more people at the tea parties.

I took a few pictures – see attached and pick out some for your web site.




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