Weather and Sign Wave rallies

Here in Hawaii , and especially in Hilo , the weather can be a challenging factor for any outdoor sign wave rallies or demonstrations .  You have to come prepared !

Once announced , a sign wave rally must go forward . Many people are adjusting their schedules and giving up other duties and priorities in order to attend .Their time is so valuable .

Of course , IF we know a hurricane is bearing down , or lightening strikes are being observed , no sign waves should be called for or it should be called off  . But Weather Service predictions of mere rain should not be enough to cancel . It rains in Hawaii ! Especially in Hilo ! So what else is new?  Be ready for it .

Ralliers , especially in Hilo , should be prepared for this ; raincoats , umbrellas . and several pop up tents , should be brought to EVERY sign wave . Here in Kona we often face blazing sun & heat and sunscreen ,  H20 and sun hats are the big consideration .

EVERY successful sign wave group needs a few core members , whom will not call off . Whom once the rally is announced , will commit to show up ; no matter what . This way , at least a few will be there . Others that choose to show up are not disappointed. The community and drivers by SEE the dedication : No Matter What . This core group should come fully expecting inclement weather and be fully prepared for it .

Better one than none , better 100 than one !


I would like to share with you a few photos that show the dedication of our former Kona Tea Party sign wavers back in 2010 . Weather did not stop us . Of course when we began this day , the weather was fine . It changed …..NO ONE went home . The Kona community saw this . It was an awesome thing . It was a huge blessing ….. Now it’s Hilo’s turn .We have to take our country back . The only way to do that is to FIGHT! ( sign wave = fighting )





I will never forget these days . They changed America . They gave us hope . And this was a long time ago….It’s time AGAIN ! This time we WIN !!!!


One thought on “Weather and Sign Wave rallies


    This rain is apparently pretty intense . However folks that wanted to go , and who showed up and found no one there , reported the weather ( at that time ) was quite alright . Two days ? No get chance ? There must be some flexibility maybe . Just a few folks , ready for anything . That would make the point we need to be making . Trump Victory ! at any costs


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